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Michael Meier
Jaminstrasse 7
91052 Erlangen
debian @ poempelfox . de


The purpose of this server is to direct you to a nearby mirror server for downloading Debian CDs. It is not operated by the Debian project or the Debian SysAdmin Team, it is just a personal pet project.

The only information this server collects about you are what is in the usual webserver logs. For every request, it logs: This information is used for: This information is explicitly NOT: Cookies are not used. Neither are privacy-invading third party services like "Google Analytics".

The only external service used are OpenStreetMap-tiles for displaying maps, on those pages that display maps. Your browser will connect to the OpenStreetMap tileservers at * to fetch the images that make up the map ("tiles"). These tileservers are operated by the OpenStreetMap Foundation, 132 Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B72 1JU, United Kingdom (short OSMF). Their privacy policy can be found here.

There is however a big "but": As stated before, the whole point of this server is to redirect you to a random nearby mirror server. Each of these servers is operated by different people, in different countries and jurisdictions all over the world. And while we can tell you what WE do with your data, there is no telling what THEIR privacy policy is, and what THEY do with your data.